Dangers of remote working

Interesting article on the long term effects of Remote Working.

Recommended reading

Recommended reading for Procurement and Supply Chain

I have recently been asked by students of my course ‘Cost Management, Procurement & Tendering‘ for recommendations for further reading on the subjects of procurement and supply chain.

The most comprehensive book on procurement is ‘Procurement and Supply Chain Management‘ by Kenneth Lysons and Brian Farrington. It is now 10th edition and is considered one of the best on the subject. Try to find this edition if you can because it represents the latest thinking on the topic.

Another good one is ‘101 Models of Procurement and Supply Chain Management‘ by Paul Jackson, Barry Crocker and Ray Carter. This contains various management models covering procurement and wider topics. There is not a huge amount of detail against each model but it is a useful reference for each. I would look elsewhere if you are searching for detailed assessments of models because this is designed as high level reference material.

The Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply (CIPS) has a good bookshop with various texts, some of which include case studies. A lot of these are to support procurement and supply chain qualifications but make useful reading if you have a general interest in the subjects. See here: https://www.cips.org/learn/books/

Hope this is helpful. See below for Amazon.co.uk links to the books mentioned.

Details of courses referred to in this post:

Importance of computer backups

Anyone who is serious about improving their computer backups should read this article by David Sparks aka ‘MacSparky’.

He uses a ‘belt and braces’ approach which guarantees availability of data if the worst happens. I use a similar approach but not as well documented!


Best places to work in the UK

Interesting results in this ‘best place to work’ survey from Glassdoor. Lots of tech companies mentioned. Culture, care and flexible working seem to be the key to success.


Codecademy sees 350% growth in 2020

Codecademy, the online learning platform for teaching people to code, announced a 350% year-over-year increase in B2B sales. This follows the beta launch of ‘Codecademy for Teams’ last year.

Codecademy for Teams is the platform’s first B2B product, which empowers organisations to provide technical training and education opportunities for employees.

Codecademy for Teams provides full access to Codecademy’s interactive curriculum, and includes business features like progress reporting, making it engaging and accessible for workforces to unlock in-demand skills and reach their full potential.



How to master the Camera app on iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro

Really useful article and video on getting to grips with the new camera features on the iPhone 12 Pro.

Full article here:

Virtual working

WorkRamp raises $17M to ramp up its enterprise learning platform

LMS provider WorkRamp has raised more cash to expand its platform offerings.

See this TechCrunch article for more:

7 Reasons to Actually Start Using Google Keep

A lot of people forget about Google Keep, its competitor to Evernote, OneNote and Apple Notes.

Keep has actually been around for years but not well promoted by Google. This article is a quick reminder of its features.

COVID19 course now on CyberU

My course on Getting Back to Business after COVID19 is now available on the CyberU platform.

This short course contains over 140 actionable tips for business owners and managers to get your business up and running again after the pandemic.

Find out more here:


Rutland Water’s beauty

“Early morning starts make the most of Rutland’s beauty”

I really like getting up early to go fishing. In March, when the season opened, I resolved to have an early start at least once a week and get a couple of hours fishing in before work.

On the Sunday of opening weekend I was in Whitwell Creek at first light and enjoyed being the only one there… until a certain Iain Barr turned up and bagged the swim next to mine!

It turned out to be a good session with four nice Rainbows before breakfast beckoned. Well that worked for less than two weeks before the COVID-19 lockdown took place and we all had to find lots of DIY jobs at home to fill our weekends!

Since fishing re-started at Rutland I have been trying to keep to the same routine and 5am on a Sunday morning will usually find me on the peninsula bank trying to have a couple of hours on the water before the day starts.

While these early visits have been less than spectacular in terms of fishing results, somehow that has not mattered. The beauty of Rutland really shows up early in the morning. With only sheep and rabbits to keep me company, I have enjoyed the stunning views as the sun rises.

At a recent early visit to Carrot Creek a beautiful sunrise was the star of the show and somehow the tangled lines and my frustrating lack of casting ability did not seem to matter at all. Tim Lawson July 2020.