Apple Reminders

Apple Reminders for task management

Over the years I have tried may different task management apps and systems. This has included Excel spreadsheets, OmniFocus, Todoist and Apple Reminders.

I have now settled on Apple Reminders. This is part of the standard Apple app collection and comes pre-installed on every Apple device.

The functionality has been improved over the years and the app now supports tags, smart folders and other tools to help with task management.

One of the big benefits of using an Apple system app is that the integration with Siri is excellent. I often speak my reminders into Siri with time and date settings. This is an easy, low touch way of quickly getting a task captured.

Finally, the integration with Apple Watch works well. asks and can set (via Siri) and reminder pop up and can be dismissed or delayed without opening the app on any other device.

The switch to Reminders is part of my overall move back to core Apple apps over the last couple of years. I have replaced Evernote with Apple Notes and Fantastical with Apple Calendar. I am finding the benefits of using apps which are baked into the operating system outweigh what independent apps can offer.