Apple Watch

Apple Watch concepts

Before the Apple Watch was launched in April 2015, many tech blogs and news sites published concept photos of what the product might look like.

This is common for all rumoured Apple products and some really creative ideas are usually shown and discussed.

Concepts for the Apple Watch

With the Apple Watch especially, the concept artists went wild with their ideas and I captured some of the graphics at the time and kept them in my tech archive.


Looking back now, having had the Watch available for nearly 8 years, it is interesting to see that the actual product is more ‘normal’ than was perhaps being envisaged. It has evolved but still within the same basic design concept.

I think that Apple originally had a reputation for very modern ‘future looking’ products and you can see this being used by the concept artists for inspiration.

I particularly like the see through wrist band which looks like something from a sci-fi movie.

Perhaps in reality, their products are not quite so exciting design wise but very functional which surely is what really matters.

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