Smoked trout… and cheese!

After several attempts (see Curing trout for cold smoking) at cold smoking trout, I have at last come up with my preferred approach. The good news is that the cheese is almost as good as the trout so I make time to do that as well.

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Curing trout for cold smoking

Having completed my first test of the cold smoker and finding the smoked trout too hard and salty, I decided to change the approach a bit and that starts with careful curing.

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Testing the cold smoker

Following my previous post on Building a cold smoker for smoking trout, it was time to do the first test smoking. I started with just a couple of fillets to see how it all worked. I cured the trout using some instructions I found online and set up my new smoker.

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Building a cold smoker for smoking trout

I have always liked smoked trout, wondered how it is prepared and not come across a cold smoker before. When I started fly fishing a couple of years ago I developed the taste for trout which now features often in our cookery at home.

So, looking for a project to work on during the early 2021 COVID lockdown, I decided to build my own cold smoker. This blog post goes through how I did the build. See other posts for the testing and my views on the end product!

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Rutland Water’s beauty

“Early morning starts make the most of Rutland’s beauty”

I really like getting up early to go fishing. In March, when the season opened, I resolved to have an early start at least once a week and get a couple of hours fishing in before work.

On the Sunday of opening weekend I was in Whitwell Creek at first light and enjoyed being the only one there… until a certain Iain Barr turned up and bagged the swim next to mine!

It turned out to be a good session with four nice Rainbows before breakfast beckoned. Well that worked for less than two weeks before the COVID-19 lockdown took place and we all had to find lots of DIY jobs at home to fill our weekends!

Since fishing re-started at Rutland I have been trying to keep to the same routine and 5am on a Sunday morning will usually find me on the peninsula bank trying to have a couple of hours on the water before the day starts.

While these early visits have been less than spectacular in terms of fishing results, somehow that has not mattered. The beauty of Rutland really shows up early in the morning. With only sheep and rabbits to keep me company, I have enjoyed the stunning views as the sun rises.

At a recent early visit to Carrot Creek a beautiful sunrise was the star of the show and somehow the tangled lines and my frustrating lack of casting ability did not seem to matter at all. Tim Lawson July 2020.