Mac shortcut for Save as PDF

A really useful tip when using a Mac is to set up a shortcut key to trigger the ‘Save as PDF’ command when in the Print dialog. I usually set the shortcut to be Cmd+P for this.

You will recognise that the usual shortcut for Print is Cmd+P but there will not be a conflict as once in the print dialog box, the shortcut is available to be used again.

So, my workflow is:

  • Cmd+P (brings up the Print box)
  • Cmd+P (triggers the ‘Save as PDF’ command)
  • Add file name and save (usually to my desktop)

The additional Cmd+P needs to be set up in System Settings, under Keyboard / Keyboard Shortcuts.

Apple made some changes with macOS Ventura that broke my original workflow due to them adding ellipsis ‘…’ to the menu command. See below for a video explaining what changed and how to fix it, by MacSparky, a well know Mac geek who creates some great material on getting more productive with your tech.

If you’ve never tried using this shortcut, you should. It really speeds up the process of making PDF’s on your Mac.

Remember that to create an ellipsis on the Mac, use Option+; (note that three full stops will not work).