Recommended reading

Recommended reading for Procurement and Supply Chain

I have recently been asked by students of my course ‘Cost Management, Procurement & Tendering‘ for recommendations for further reading on the subjects of procurement and supply chain.

The most comprehensive book on procurement is ‘Procurement and Supply Chain Management‘ by Kenneth Lysons and Brian Farrington. It is now 10th edition and is considered one of the best on the subject. Try to find this edition if you can because it represents the latest thinking on the topic.

Another good one is ‘101 Models of Procurement and Supply Chain Management‘ by Paul Jackson, Barry Crocker and Ray Carter. This contains various management models covering procurement and wider topics. There is not a huge amount of detail against each model but it is a useful reference for each. I would look elsewhere if you are searching for detailed assessments of models because this is designed as high level reference material.

The Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply (CIPS) has a good bookshop with various texts, some of which include case studies. A lot of these are to support procurement and supply chain qualifications but make useful reading if you have a general interest in the subjects. See here:

Hope this is helpful.

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