Testing the cold smoker

Following my previous post on Building a cold smoker for smoking trout, it was time to do the first test smoking. I started with just a couple of fillets to see how it all worked. I cured the trout using some instructions I found online and set up my new smoker.

My cold smoker is a large wooden box structure, and uses the ProQ cold smoke generator, which burns sawdust as a smoke source. I used oak shavings that I had purchased previously when I ordered the ProQ.

The above photo shows one of the mistakes I made – the smoker needs to be filled up to the top of the wire or the burn will not be successful.

I smoked a few blocks of Cheddar cheese at the same time to see if that was any good as well.

Well, it all came out OK and the good news was that the trout was edible! However, I think that I over-cured the fillets as they became hard and were too salty.

I will try again soon and hope to learn from the process.

The home smoked trout goes well with scrambled eggs, spinach and feta cheese.